Homemade Ice-Cream

I personally LOVE ice cream my favorites are vanilla and cookie dough. if you love ice cream as much as i do then you NEED to try this recipe! This is for a plain vanilla but if you want different flavors im going to do my best to post other recipes.Here is the recipe fr a home made vanilla ice cream: Continue reading “Homemade Ice-Cream”


EOS Lip Balm

If you love Eos as much as I do than this is the diy for you! This diy is really customizable you can choose any color and scent and give them as presents or just keep them all for yourself. Since it is very customizable i am going to be posting about different designs you can do to lip balms 

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Bath Bombs-DIY

Alot of people love bath bombs, how can you not? They are colorful,relaxing, beautiful,but expensive and kinda hard to find good ones (unless you have a Lush or Bath and Body Works near you) Here I am going to show you the best recipe to making the best bath bombs. I hope this helps you guys and hopefully you guys enjoy it and leave some feedback! So now…  LETS GET STARTED!!

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Fluffy Slime-DIY

Fluffy slime is very well known since many people have started talking about slime and posting ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos to help people with anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, and much more. Many people love slime yet don’t know how to make it or cant afford to buy it already made. Fluffy Slime is a type of slime that is very airy and light. So here is an amazing recipe to make FLUFFY SLIME:

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