Bath Bombs-DIY

Alot of people love bath bombs, how can you not? They are colorful,relaxing, beautiful,but expensive and kinda hard to find good ones (unless you have a Lush or Bath and Body Works near you) Here I am going to show you the best recipe to making the best bath bombs. I hope this helps you guys and hopefully you guys enjoy it and leave some feedback! So now…  LETS GET STARTED!!

Supplies ( links provided)


  1. Add all dry ingredients into a large bowl and mix them all thoroughly together
  2. Slowly add coconut oil into the same bowl and evenly mix
  3. (optional) Separate the mixture into the amount of colors/scents you want
  4. Add essential oil (the amount depends on how strong you want the scent)
  5. Add food coloring (the amount depends on how bright you want the color,if you add too much it might stain your body so be careful!)
  6. Add a spray of water and mix, keep repeating until it gets to a wet sand consistency and kinda moldable
  7. Pack in the mixture very tightly and over fill it a little, press the two halves together
  8. Let it sit for about 30-60 minutes and carefully take the top
  9. ENJOY! Dip it in your bath tub and watch it explode!!

Extra Tips

Stack different colors! When adding the mix into the molds add a variety of colors for an amazing pattern

If making it for someone else or as a gift you can always add a small toy or gift inside it so when the bath bomb dissolves, an amazing surprise is revealed

Make different shapes, look for random molds and create a bath bomb in its shape      Rose Shaped Mold  Shell Shaped Mold    Fish Shaped Mold    Duck Shaped Mold

Experiment! Mix Colors, use different scents, make different shapes, and have fun

Hope you guys enjoyed and hopefully this helped, make sure to leave your feedback about this post by commenting! If you tried this make sure to comment how it went and any questions!


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