EOS Lip Balm

If you love Eos as much as I do than this is the diy for you! This diy is really customizable you can choose any color and scent and give them as presents or just keep them all for yourself. Since it is very customizable i am going to be posting about different designs you can do to lip balms 

You Will Need:

  • BeesWax
  • Coconut Oil
  • Lipstick (doesn’t matter which)(optional)
  • Vitamin E (optional)
  • Essential Oil (for scent) (optional)
  • Any Containers


  1. Mix your coconut oil and beeswax by melting both in the microwave, it will obviously be ht so be careful! (make sure both are measured on a one to one ratio so 1 cup oil 1 cup wax, 2 cups oil 2 cups wax, 3 cups oil 3 cups wax, etc.)
  2. Add some old lipstick (for color/tint)
  3. A teaspoon of vitamin E (a natural preservative and moisturizer)
  4. A few drops of any essential oil (for the scent)
  5. But the cup back into the microwave to re heat everything and melt the lipstick
  6. Go ahead and pour it into any type of container. It can be an old eos container, an old lipstick/chapstick container
  7. Now let them cool down
  8. And you are done!

Extra Tips:

  • Explore with the colors! Make different color patters and designs (i am posting a blog about different diy eos soon!)
  • Design the outside cover, add stickers, paint it etc

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